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Shoelace tie top

A very fast way of tying your shoelaces, resulting in a knot that comes undone less often than a 'granny knot'.
Here is my video: the order of which hand 'forward first' doesn't really matter, as long as you switch sides between steps 1-4 and 5-9.

Bowline top

To make a secure loop (which doesn't tighten on itself) at the end of a rope. (See: animatedknots).

Zeppelin bendtop

To tie two ropes securely together, and can easily be untied (See: animatedknots).

Constrictor knottop

To tie e.g. a bag/sack etc. securely (See: animatedknots).

Coiling rope (Buntline coil)top

To coil and secure a rope (See: animatedknots). The alternate direction of the loops prevents the rope from twisting. For the securing wraps you would use more loops than shown here.